RAD TRAD NATIONALIST HERO: Lega Nord's Apostate Catholic Matteo Salvini Divorced Fabrizia Ieluzzi In 2010 - His Domestic Partners Giulia Martinelli & Elisa Isoardi

The man who has declared war on Rome and the Pope is Lega Nord's Apostate Catholic Matteo Salvini.

Nationalist Matteo hates:
  • Rome
  • The Pope
Probably hates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Catholic Faith - since he never attends Mass & no longer practices the Catholic Faith.

He was married for seven years to Fabrizia Ieluzzi.....looks like she got knocked up before the wedding....

Matteo's Domestic Partners:

Giulia Martinelli 

Elisa Isoardi:

I wonder if Rad Trads would let Nationalist Matteo receive communion at their Latin Mass Chapels?


  1. Rad Trads love Amoris Laetitia as long as it applies only to their buddies - Trump, Gingrich, Reagan, Thatcher and now this moron....


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