ACTION ITEM For Fr. John Zuhlsdorf....$4.5 Million Meteorite Big Bang Pistol Set...Please Donate!

ACTION ITEM For Fr. John Zuhlsdorf....

More bucks for your bang! US gun firm is offering handguns forged from 4.5billion-year-old meteorite for $2.25MILLION each  

A US gun company has put two of the world's most expensive handguns on the market for $2.25million each. The Big Bang Pistol Set consists of two handguns made from Gibeon meteorite, thought to have travelled through the solar system and date back 4.5billion years. Weapon specialists Cabot Guns, of Indiana, USA, claim they are the 'holy grail' of collectable firearms and are putting them on the market for a total of $4.5million. Source

Fr. Z will feel safe when carrying these two Meteorite Pistols underneath his vestments while saying the Latin Mass...


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