Let's Say BOD Ann Barnhardt Turned Into A Koala Bear During A Heatwave....Would You Give Her A Dish Full Of Cold Desire? Or A Dish Full Of Cold Water?



Desire is not Water

Water is not Desire

How would like a cup of cold Desire on a hot summer day?

Even beasts of the field know the difference between WATER and desire........



  1. Thanks for your clarifications on BOD in the other post.

    I suppose I'm what you call a "minimalist" on anything other than regular Baptism, but Jurgens does make a fairly good case for it in Faith of the Early Fathers. Then again, Jurgens is not God or the Church.

    As for Fr. Feeney's followers (St. Benedict Center), well, I give them credit for not being Sedevacantists and largely steering clear of the Francis-bashing mania, but their love for Americanism / liberalism / democracy is a black mark in my book.

  2. Who do you guys think is the most insane blogger online? Consider Vox Cantoris, Barnhardt, Skojec, and others like them?


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