Why Catholic Converts Are Dangerous: KALEB PATRICK LIPPERT, FORMER BAPTIST Now RAD TRAD Sends Death & Rape Threats To A Black Catholic Lady

“My name is Kaleb Patrick Lippert (Catholic Faith Defender de la Americas), I was born a Protestant Baptist, and found my way into the True One Holy Catholic Apostolic Roman Church in the Easter Vigil of 2014. By studying the Early Church Fathers, such as Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp, Cyril, Methodius, etc, 21 Ecumenical Councils from Jerusalem to Vatican II Apparitions, and many Eucharist miracles, that is what brought this former Baptist into the Catholic Church. I oppose Radical Traditionalists like the SSPX and Sedevancantist’s I love to debate my own Baptist brethren, including but not limited to Seventh-Day Adventist’s Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses Iglesia Ni Cristo, and mainline Protestants like Methodist’s, Lutheran’s, Presbyterian’s and many Fundamentalist and Pentecostal groups.” Source

Baptist turned Rad Trad:

Converts should shut up


  1. This man messaged me on FB with a lot of foul language, name calling, threats. I am going to report him to the FBI. He is totally creepy.


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