Latest Skojec Article On Latin Mass Lists 'SOURCES' Five Times

reports today that sources in Rome are talking .....

Sources inside the Vatican suggest that Pope Francis aims to end Pope Benedict XVI’s universal permission for priests to say the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM),.........

Sources in Rome told....

So while I have no doubt that Westen has credible sources in Rome .....


Sources tell me that I will continue to post on Skojec's sources!



  1. I think you've really got Skojec's goat, because in his latest blather about Humanae Vitae, he makes it a point of pride to try and name some of his sources (and discredit others). He really is a bad-tempered little man. =(

    1. Can I use you as a source?

      For reason of confidentiality I will not mention your name......I will call you a reliable and trusted source that is of the highest impeccable character...

      Nor will I pay you....

      If need be (and if the price is right) I will turn you over to the Vatican authorities...


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