Note To Rad Trads Infected With HV Hysteria: London Is Burning Theresa May Chased From Church As Angry Crowd Brands Prime Minister A 'Coward'

Following up this post from June 16, 2017:

Rad Trads Focused On Contraception Hysteria While LONDON BURNS!

As usual laymen are so focused on priestly matters that the world around them burns down.

Remember the Synod on the Family.

When the majority of Rad Trad Bloggers were focused on the priestly synod, MUSLIMS were invading Europe.

Here, have a look see:

Both the Synod and the invasion took place in October.

Of course the Rad Trad bloggers didn't have a clue what was going on at the time.

Now of course they are all experts on the MUSLIM invasion. LOL!

Then there was the DUBIA hysteria...

And the Knights of Malta fisaco....

Oh..and the earthquake that destroyed the Rad Trad hangout in Norcia....

Recently the focus has been on Fatima...

And then there was the Dollinger lie spread by all Rad Trad bloggers on what was contained in the Third Secret - supposedly words about a bad mass and bad council. Again LOL!

Hey morons the same source that said that the Third Secret contained words on a bad mass and bad council is the SAME SOURCE THAT PROPHESIED WWIII! Remember that?

To show you how dishonest Rad Trads are - none of them questioned the veracity of Fr. Dollinger.

Every last one of these Rad Trad bloggers IGNORE that Fr. Dollinger LIED about coming WWIII!

And if the Priest/Mystic Fr. Dollinger lied once to the Rad Trad Community and can do it again.

And he did lie with what was contain in the Third Secret.

The lying fool even made Pope Benedict come out and make a public announcement on the matter.

Well the lying Priest is dead and now London burns

Congrats to all you lay Rad Trad bloggers who are so focused on priestly matters that you are clueless on what really matters:

Theresa May chased from church as angry crowd brands Prime Minister a 'coward'

She came to try to make up for her mistake but it only served to enrage this close-knit community even more. Theresa May had provoked widespread criticism and anger on Thursday after failing to visit the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire when she came to the Westway road – staying for 15 minutes and swerving any contact with locals. On Friday afternoon, word spread she was due to come back, this time to visit St Clement’s Church, where volunteers had been boxing up donations. Before long a crowd had gathered, filling the street outside the church. As they waited, the people became increasingly hostile, shouting at her to come out and face them. One man began chanting: “Get her out! Get her out!”, while another screamed at police barring the door to the church: “Why have you brought her here? If she cared she would have come yesterday.” Source


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