Maybe Fr. Z Can Rebuild German Diocese Of Trier Parishes Brick by Brick From 35 Back Up To 887! LOL!

Fr. Z has an insane idea to restore all things in Christ. He won't let go of this insane idea.

His idea is to restore all things in Christ brick by brick.

Apparently when one Latin Mass is said in some church somewhere in the world for the first time in fifty years that is proof of Fr. Z's brick by brick restoration.

The idea is insane,

Where did he get this insane idea?


The lives of the Apostles?

The lives of the Saints?

Did the Holy Ghost whisper in his ear and say restore all things in Christ brick by brick...because souls are at know...

All of Fr. Z's followers apparently think that this idea is just what the church needs.

I'm thinking that maybe this brick by brick is a prophecy of sorts.....maybe Fr. Z will get hit and die by a flying brick.....

Here's a trick go and search 'brick' in Douay Rheims and note that every 'brick' reference is not good...not good at all....

Here for example.....

Behold thy people in the midst of thee are women: the gates of thy land shall be set wide open to thy enemies, the fire shall devour thy bars. Draw thee water for the siege, build up thy bulwarks: go into the clay, and tread, work it and make brick. There shall the fire devour thee: thou shalt perish by the sword, it shall devour thee like the bruchus: assemble together like the bruchus, make thyself many like the locust....


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