1. Rod Dreher is an attention-seeking narcissist.

    His message is contrary to the basic message of the Gospel. It is an extension of the Rad Trads' selfish "we want our Latin mass and the rest of you can bugger off and go to Hell" attitude. If Saint Francis Xavier were alive, he would throw rotten tomatoes at Dreher and his drones.

    Dreher is also known for unsavory practices such as creating a sockpuppet account called "Muzhik" ("peasant" in Russian) to mock the Catholic Church. There is also strong circumstantial evidence that this "Muzhik" posts on a well-known Catholic forum, trying to make Catholics look like asses by endorsing extreme viewpoints (Fatima Rapture hysteria, "prepping", etc.) and looking like he's John Zuhlsdorf's evil twin.


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