Rad Trad Leader Steve Skojec Is Losin' It!

I don’t know about all of you, but lately I’ve not been in a very good state of mind. Everything feels harder than it used to. The battle, which was always fought uphill, has begun to appear almost futile. Trials and difficulties have seeped into all the various facets of life — work, family, expenses, the lived experience of the faith — making each burden feel heavier than it would have felt alone. I have the sense — and I know that I am not alone — that chaos and discord are being intentionally sown right in the midst of the people I hold most dear, all while something cruel and defiant whispers in my ear that none of it matters. Nothing matters. Just give up. Source

Here's the WTF paragraph.....

The writing that once came almost effortlessly for me has turned into an elusive craft. If it isn’t interrupted by an unexpected phone call or email about some new, negative development, it’s thwarted by an oppressive feeling of near-total malaise. Anger. Frustration. Apathy. It alternates, but it’s rarely conducive. My spiritual life has taken a noticeable beating as well. I have never more desperately needed to pray, and pray fervently, than I do now…but the desire to do so has been stripped out of me like marrow sucked from bones. I’ve resorted to simply forcing myself through the motions of prayer, knowing, more than caring, that to enter this daily combat without the benefit of armor or armament is suicide. So I mumble the words, reading them without feeling or even, sometimes, comprehension. Invoking saints and angels and the Blessed Mother, making consecrations to God, summoning divine bastions against the daily siege, trusting that there is an efficacy in these rituals, however poorly performed, an ex opere operato defense against the tireless wiles of the enemy. Source

Maybe its just all a plea for more money...and a cry for attention - just like he accused Melaine of La Salette of doing:

Melanie fabricated this last message........as a cry for attention ~ Steve Skojec

Must be tough being the leader of the Traditionalists movement...even if he was the leader for only a short time....

His followers shed tears for Stevie.....(see comments).....


  1. Steve Skojec: world's greatest dad:

    "I, too, have a wayward child. It has been...excruciating, this past year or two. A huge distraction from my work, and in many respects I see what has happened as a direct attack on the work we do here to defend the family and the institution of marriage."

    Gee Steve, you disrespectful clown, you spit on the Holy Father and then expect your children to obey you?

    Ah, sweet ironies of life.

    Thread: http://www.onepeterfive.com/stand-fast-the-storm-will-break/

  2. Steve discusses his psychiatric issues on Twitter and mocks another mentally ill poster:

    in reply to @Jesufex

    Apr 3
    Steve Skojec‏ @SteveSkojec
    @Jesufex Are we really this sensitive? I've had chronic, lifelong anxiety. I couldn't care less if someone makes a joke about it.


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