Ann Barnhardt Goes On A Pilgrimage To Consult With Very Important People......

I have returned from my pilgrimage, which was absolutely lovely. I was able to consult with very important people, and have high-level discussions. Or, at least, I talked, they listened patiently, and they will pray for me. But, it is always good to make in-person visits, when one can. Ann 

You go on a pilgrimage to consult with very important people?

I wonder who?

Maybe Ann is telling us she has friends in high places......

I wonder who?

And she had high-level discussions....

Gee....I wonder how high.......

I wonder if there are any pictures?

Let me guess....JMJ.....


  1. Ignore Fra Cristoforo Robino and crazy old Ann.

    This is the best source for Traditional Catholic commentary with a capital "T":


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