PSYOPS Project Name: The New Evangelization For Muslims

The PSYOP New Evangelization For Muslims (NEM) is designed to document the Muslim reaction when subjects are held captive in their Mosques during Friday afternoon Prayers. The targeted Mosque is locked and secured from the outside by special Ops team (S.O.). In coordination with the CIA & the Roman Catholic Church this  PSYOP experiment is to take place in the Middle East in a predominately Muslim Country (preferably Saudi Arabia). The government in place at the time of this experiment will be neutralized to the extent that the government can not prevent or hinder the operation, nor will the government be able to retaliate.

Once the lock down of the Mosques takes place (during Friday afternoon prayers) the operation will commence with a Roman Catholic Priest front and center facing the Muslims. The Priest surrounded by heavily armed S.O. will then proceed to tell the Muslims that there are locked in the Mosque and must listen to what the Priest has to say. (the Priest will communicate in Arabic).

The Priest will then preach Jesus Christ Crucified and refute the errors of the false and lying prophet Muhammad. (The team will exit immediately with Priest in tow if the Muslims storm the stage etc...)

Muslim Reaction..

The purpose of this experiment will be to study the reactions of the captive Muslims who have had the doctrine of Jesus Christ Crucified preached to them by a Roman Catholic Priest.

Cameras will be planted in the Mosque ahead of time and cell phone Jamming systems will also be in place ahead of time. 

The intent of this PSYOP will be to document the insane Muslim reaction to the Truth of Jesus Christ Crucified.  The documented evidence will then be publicly released for all the world to see how Muslims behave when confronted with the Truth using the reasoning abilities of a Roman Catholic Priest.

Expected reaction:

The team expects the Muslim to act irrationally - if prevented from attacking the Priest the Muslims should rent their garments (like their Jewish cousins)  and pull out their beards and pull out their hair, many Muslims should also beat themselves into a frenzy. (please review the above mild video of Cowboys reacting to unfamiliar music).

With the expected reaction comes a punishment for the ungrateful Muslims.

The team will leave immediately after expected reaction has manifested itself in the Muslim hoard and is well documented.

After the team has left the Mosque and the crazed and stupefied Muslim are locked inside  - the Mosque will then be visited by Mr. & Mrs. Cluster Bombs. This is just punishment for a ungrateful lot.

The Cluster Bomb Family (CBF) event will be added commentary to the well document Muslim reaction.

Drone footage of the (CBF) event and its aftermath will give pause for thought on the foolish behaviour of those who reject the message of Jesus Christ Crucified.

The lesson: 

If Muslims refused to bow their necks to reason and the faith preached to them by a Priest of the School of Jesus Christ Crucified then they will be summarily eliminated.

World's reaction to PSYOP Project Name: The New Evangelization For Muslims?

It doesn't matter....


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