What Kind Of Priest Talks Like This: [NAME DELETED – I won’t include the rat-bastard queer Muslim terrorist’s name]

What kind of priest talks like this:
[NAME DELETED – I won’t include the rat-bastard queer Muslim terrorist’s name]
Answer: Fr. John Todd Zuhlsdorf.
This is the same priest who tells every one to Go To CONFESSSION!
Question for the ex-Lutheran now Catholic Priest: If the mass murderer Omar Mateen have survived and was interested in converting to the Catholic Faith would you hear his confession?
or would you still call Omar Mateen a rat-bastard queer Muslim terrorist and refuse to hear his confession?
Another question for gun nut/prepper Fr. John Todd Zuhlsdorf: If  Omar Mateen approached you on the street or on your blog prior to his crime and wanted to discuss with you the right weapon to buy and what necessary stuff to put in his BOB (bug out bag) would you answer him?
The answer of course is yes!
Fr. John Todd Zuhlsdorf would be more than happy to answer any question from anyone regarding stockpiling weapons or hoarding foodstuffs or situational awareness.
Its only when  Fr. John Todd Zuhlsdorf finds out that the advice he gave was later used to murder Gays etc that Fr would say things like: [NAME DELETED – I won’t include the rat-bastard queer Muslim terrorist’s name]



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