Hillary White Is Worried About Persecution Coming From New Mass Goin' Flip Flop Wearin' Fat Slobs? The Real Persecution Of Catholics Will Come From Philippine's New President Duterte & His Davao Death Squad

I believe in retribution. Why? You should pay. When you kill someone, rape, you should die.' Duterte
Come on Hillary.....know your enemy...
I’ve been saying it for some time. This is their time to get rid of us. There are so few Catholics left who believe what the Church teaches that it shouldn’t really be that hard for them. ....... The ones that are left – us – are the ones they know they can’t get to. The only thing left to do now, therefore, is get rid of us. Some of them are now admitting it openly........ Make no mistake; this is what the mainstream “conservative” novusordo world wants. They don’t want your salvation. They don’t want your good. Your eternal destiny is irrelevant to them, if they even believe in such things. Novusordoist “conservatism” is entirely and completely a fraud, and the work they are currently engaged in is to “drive” people like you and me “out of the Church.” Source
Come on now...flip flopers are gonna crush Latin Mass Traditionalists? Have you not paid attention to the poor souls who attend the new mass? Please go to a new mass this weekend and count how many souls are wearing flip flops! LOL!
What you will write about, soon enough, is the real persecution of Catholic Bishops, priests and laity by Philippine's new president Duterte and his Davao Death Squad.....
This is what you should concern yourself with. Use your pen to warn us about Duterte and his Davao Death Squad.....
Also too, you will take the side of Pope Francis in this coming conflict.....strange how events will change things.....


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